Users, most of the time, probably won’t give a second look at what the developer has added or removed on each app updates. And if they have Auto Updates on, then they won’t even know. App updates may bring changes in permissions that you may find questionable. So it is always a good idea for you to monitor each new features and changes in permissions. To achieve this, we have listed and reviewed two of the most effective apps that can help you monitor these changes. Here’s how to find out changes in apps after each update.

How to find out changes in Android apps after each update

Find out changes in Android apps: Changelogs

The only way to see the changelog of each app update is to visit the app’s page in the Google Play Store app or website. Doing this can be tedious as you may receive updates for multiple apps at a time and visiting page of each apps is tiresome and slow. Changelogs is here to lend you a helping hand. Read further to know the purpose and usage of this app.Changelogs - find changes in Android apps

Step 1: Download Changelogs for the Google Play Store.

Step 2: When you open the app for the first time, it will ask you to login to your Google account. Logging in is necessary or else you will now be able to see changelogs.

Step 3: After you have logged in, Changelogs will load all the apps currently installed in your device. You can view changelogs of each app in alphabetical order.

If an update is available for any app, Changelogs will display a green icon besides the current version below the app’s name to notify you. Tapping the apps name will open a new screen with several options such as uninstalling the app or it’s Play Store link.

Find out changes in Android apps: Permissions Explorerpermissions explorer

Permissions Explorer allows you to view the permissions of all your apps. The app will enable you to view what the app installed on your device has access to. Most of the time we ignore these permissions when we are either updating or installing a new app so it would be a good idea to use this app to view the permissions once in a while. While we can view the permissions of each app from Settings  > Apps, Permissions Explorer makes it easy to do so by compiling them in one place and putting them in categories. Download Permission Explorer from google play

Remember that it is always a good idea to keep track of what each app can do to or with your Android device. Always check the changes and let these apps aid you.


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