If changing smartphones is your passion, and if you’re a heavy app user, you may have problems to install apps everytime you change your phone. You have to go to the Play Store, search for an app you want to install, tap a button, and wait for it to download. You most likely have to repeat this troublesome procedure many times before your device is ready to use. Here,  we are sharing some ideas about the ways to install many or all your android apps at once.


install many apps at onceThis method is for those, who don’t have the backup .apk files and have to download every apps from the play store and install them. Here are some simple steps to learn:

1. Open the Play Store application (you need to have the play store app of version 4.6.16 or later).

2. Slide out the drawer from the left side of the screen and choose “My apps”.

3. You will see a list of apps that are installed on your device. Tap the “All” tab located above the list or scroll to the left.

4. Another list will appear, but this time it will contain all applications you’ve ever downloaded using your Google account. Tap and hold your finger on the first app you want to install on your device. It will turn blue and a small green button will show up at the top-right corner of the screen. Select other items (they will be highlighted in blue) and press the “Install” button.

5. After you’re done checking the permission screen, your apps will start downloading and installing automatically. Be extra careful at this point. Some applications are updated with new features that require access to system’s core functions. If you’re not comfortable with it, you can skip a suspicious app and proceed to the next one.


This method is for those, who have the backup of the system .apk files with them, and have access to a computer. Here are some simple steps to remember:

1. You need to have a tool named mass apk installer in your computer.

2. Extract the contents of apkinstall_v1_2.rar with a suitable program (I personally suggest 7-zip).

3. Navigate to the apk folder inside the .rar file you extracted in Step 1.

4. Transfer all the APKs you wish to install to this folder.

5. Enable Unknown Sources from Settings > Applications so that Mass APK Installer can sideload apps.

6. Connect your Android-powered smartphone to your computer. Pull down the notification drawer, tap on USB connected and then mount USB storage by tapping Connect USB storage.

7. Launch run.bat (or run_sys.bat if you wish to install to /system) from the extracted .rar folder and let it do its thing.

KarmaToBurn’s script will now automatically install the APK files that were placed inside the apk folder in Step 3 to your device.



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