If you’re a low-to mid end specs android smartphone user, your phone probably may have an older version of android. In such devices, while installing some of the apps which require a lot of higher-end CPU usage, your phone may be showing ‘Android version incompatibility error’, even though the application supports the android version you have in your phone. For example, if an app (for instance, we can take an example of a game which requires high CPU usage) supports minimum of android 2.2 Froyo version, and your phone is running 2.3 or 4.0, still your phone may be showing the Android version incompatibility, which is not really the problem of the Android version, but is the problem of your smartphone’s CPU. The solution to this apps incompatibility issue can be to overclock your phone’s CPU, which makes your phone run with all its power and can support the apps, which were not supported previously. This too has a limitation, since the clock speed cannot be increased according to your will, but it certainly can be made higher than before. The simple steps for this solution can be mentioned as:

apps incompatibility

  1. You’ll require to root your phone first, which need you to download the zip folder which contains the files to root. This varies according to the model of your phone, so you can search your phone’s model and download the root file here. Be aware, this is the first step, and is certainly a good feature to make you gain a lot of access to your phone, but this voids your phone’s warranty. You should be knowing what you’re doing. apps incompatibility
  2. Flash a custom Kernel. You can find this too from the above given link. Just search the Kernel for your device, download the Zip file and flash it by going to the recovery mode. To go to recovery mode, switch off your phone>press power+volume up+home for some time, and you’ll be redirected. Or you can just install ROM Manager which’ll direct you to Clockworkmod Recovery. After you’ve flashed the Kernel, reboot your phone. kernel apps incompatibility
  3. Now download an CPU overclocking application which fits for your phone from the Google Play Store. The good option for this can be No frills CPU control. Install this app, give this app the superuser access, and set the clock speed of your CPU as per your demand. apps incompatibility


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