In our daily life, we may have the feeling that our friends or even our lovers may be cheating us by giving the wrong information about their location. Even if they are telling the truth, we sometimes may have the doubt, since the actions can give us some points to doubt. If you fall under such category, and want to know the information about your friend’s location at the given time, here we have a super idea for you. For the smartphone users, it is now so much easy. If you are an android smartphone user, you may already know about this. But for who don’t know, or are new users, the idea is about an app which can be downloaded from the Google play store for free, and which helps to find the current location of your friend/lover, or even your lost phone, and find out whether (s)he is cheating, or telling the truth.

friend's location

Follow the following simple steps:

  • Go to the play store (in both devices, the phone which you want to locate, and your phone too).
  • Search for an app called ‘find my phone‘.
  • Install it in both phones.
  • Create an account.
  • You can track the location of the next phone, from yours now.

If the phone which you want to locate is not a smartphone, still you can track it. For this you have to upgrade as a premium user of the app. The location is provided by the app in co-ordination with the cellphone carriers.

The app doesn’t actually provide the exact location, but gives the address around where the phone is, still it is a nice app to use, since the address is also most of the times sufficient for us.

There is also an another app available in the play store, find my friends, which works in a similar way. For iOS users, Find My iPhone is the best for this purpose.



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