WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging app of today’s world. The people around the world are strongly connected with this app. Latterly, WhatsApp has added some cools and interesting features like user tags in group chats, draw and add stickers to images and many more to make the users more connected with the app and it also makes the way of communication more easy and convenient. Now WhatsApp brings video calls on Android.

WhatsApp video call

Before you get too excited let me tell you, this feature is available only in new beta version of the app. So you better download the latest beta version of the app to take the advantage and get the experience of the new feature. This feature is as simple and easy as you might think.

[quote bcolor=”green”]Download the latest beta version of WhatsApp[/quote]

WhatsApp now brings video calls on Android

WhatsApp video call

You just pick the contact in the app, then tap the call button and choose ‘Video call’. If the person that you are contacting has also the latest version of the app then you can enjoy the video call. But, if the person that you are contacting has not the latest version of the app then they’ll just get a voice call also the screen will show you the message that the person need to update the app.

Now talking about, how’s the video calling in the app. Well then, some users found the call quality was fine but there was a little bit of lag even in high-speed of internet. WhatsApp is also asking for the quality feedback on video calls, so that it can improve the quality of video call and launch to all the people in near future.

It is also believe that the new video calling feature in WhatsApp can destroy the app Duo which is launched by Google only for video calling as WhatsApp has more than a billion users world-wide.


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