The purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook is one of the most expensive purchase ever, and there is no doubt that it got a lot of publicity. After the purchase, Facebook is continuously taking some serious actions on the WhatsApp. Recently we’ve had the news that the WhatsApp Plus users were started being banned from using WhatsApp, and then the web version of WhatsApp was also launched (even though it was only for the Chrome browser). Though some serious things are always happening with the WhatsApp, till the time, it was not seen to be connected at all with Facebook, i.e, both had distinct users (they might be using both, but not at once, they had to use separate apps to get the services of both). No aspect of WhatsApp could be shared on Facebook, and vice-versa. As the rumors were circulating recently, both were to be integrated. But it seems that the rumor is false, and Facebook and WhatsApp are nowhere soon to start the integration.

Facebook and WhatsApp are nowhere soon to start the integration

The rumors of the integration have circulated, since the Alpha page of WhatsApp showed the Facebook login. But as reported by AndroidPIT, the login is only to verify the employees of the company, and that’s why if we try to login in the Alpha page, we are redirected to the same previous page. The official word from WhatsApp, in this matter, comes as:

This link is an internal link and has nothing to do with WhatsApp and Facebook combining services. WhatsApp will continue to remain a separate service. The log in requirement is to ensure that people are employees. It’s the same thing you do when you log into your email account for example.

This completely justifies that the duo, even though from the same owner, are nowhere soon to be integrated, but still, we can’t say anything about the future. Facebook keeps on changing its policy and tactics time and again, and the integration also might be possible someday. But still, for now, they are separate service, and you need not to worry much for that. If you have an opinion about them being separate, or if you think they should be united, feel free to leave it in the comment section below.


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