After only some days Facebook Inc. made its messenger app inevitable for users to chat, it has been doing a new experiment on its Facebook application. The new experiment is unique- and its only noticed by some users- not by all. The experiment is to make the Facebook app a browser too. That means, the external links shared on the Facebook are now starting to open on the app itself when the user clicks it. Before this whenever we clicked on the external links shared on Facebook, it directed us towards our default browser or our main browser, such as Chrome Browser, Opera Mini, Firefox Browser etc. whichever are available in the Play store and we’ve installed by setting it as default. But now, Facebook is trying to change the situation. It is probably doing so because it doesn’t want to bother its users by directing them to other browser when you click the links shared in it, but still, for some users this may be annoying since most of us are used to open the links in our Android smartphone’s default browser. Also, the links opened in the Facebook app itself may not give the taste which we get from our default browsers. For example, it may not open the link like the Chrome Browser, or it may not compress files to save data like Opera mini. Hence, many of us may want to change it. If you’re the one searching for how to disable in-app browser in Facebook in Android, we’re here sharing the method to do it.

disable in-app browser in facebook

Follow the following steps to disable in-app browser in Facebook in Android:

  • Click on the ‘Settings’ which is within the app.
  • Scroll down until you get to App Settings.
  • Click on the “Always open links with external browser

Now, you’ve successfully done to disable in-app browser in Facebook in your Android smartphone, you can enjoy viewing the external links in your own main browser. Happy browsing!


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