WhatsApp has been all over the news recently. It started blocking the WhatsApp plus users some days before, and launched the web version of the app yesterday only. Now, a new service has been released for the app, to make its users easier.  Italy’s first Global Mobile Operator, Zeromobile has released a new and different type of SIM called as WhatSim, particularly to access WhatsApp.


According to Manuel Zenella (the mastermind of this service), using the WhatSim will allow the users to access WhatsApp from anywhere in the world, they will not even require an internet connection for this. The SIM will at present work on more than 150 countries, in more than 400 carriers.

To own a SIM, you will have to pay €10 a year (€5 as delivery charge for the first time you order the SIM), and it will handle your text messages to be sent through WhatsApp all over the year. While the texts are absolutely free, other services will however, be charged. To send files or anything other than text, such as photos, videos, audio messages, you will have to pay by the credit system. You can buy the credits from the carrier, which will cost you € 5 for 1,000 credits (or up to €50 for 10,000 credits). Depending up on places, the charge wil be different amount of credits. You can check the rate list for more details about this.

So, now onwards, when you travel outside of your home country, you merely replace your carrier’s regular SIM card in your GSM phone with the WhatSim.The manufacturer explains that WhatSim will even search automatically for a new provider depending on your location, and if it finds a provider with better signal, it will switch over by itself without the user even noticing it.

Note: ZeroMobile is not by any means affiliated to WhatsApp. It is the service provided solely by ZeroMobile, targeted for the WhatsApp lovers who also love to travel.


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