The popular music streaming app- Spotify gets updated to version 2.0 for Android, and it has brought some system improvements with it. With the recent update of the app, there are now some improved notification features, as well as the performance is also made better than before.

spotify for android

Before the update, Spotify claimed they fixed the stopping music when a notification would come but it didn’t fix it for everybody. This issue was long awaited by the users to be solved, and with the recent update, it seems that they have actually fixed it, as Spotify claims that they have fixed it for the remaining affected device (the issue for which was said to be solved previously, but not in real). This mean that now onwards, if you have updated your app to the latest version, you can keep listening to your song while the volume auto-adjusts for a few seconds but then continues playing. You can get the audio notifications perfectly, and enjoy seamless music streaming in your long-loved app, without being irritated every now and then.

The speed of the app is also far more improved, as already mentioned above. Now, the app launches and loads faster than ever, and is amazing. The time taken by the app to load used to be annoying, and as it is solved now, the app is expected to be loved more by the users.

If you are currently enjoying music in your Spotify app, the app may have been updated by the Play Store itself, or you can check the update yourself (in case you have disabled the auto update option in your Android device).

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