Listening to music is everyone’s favorite. With the development of multimedia phones (the primitive phones who had the capacity to play music and videos, and even some of them had camera, which were now denoted as ‘dumb phones’), people started to listen to the music in them. This trend only grew with the development of smartphones, and today listening to music in an Android device is equally addicting. There are several free music downloader apps for Android devices, having different sound system, from normal to surround sounds, and from cheap to expensive.

Almost all of the Android devices (except the forked ones) have Google Play Music app in them, which is Android’s default tool to listen to the music in them, and to download the music as well. Though the Play Music does all the basic stuffs, this may not just liked by many of us, and some of us may need a lot more than the app offers. To overcome this, there are plenty of apps developed, and may or may not be available in the Play Store, which you can search and install in your device. Here we have prepared a list of five of such apps, which in our opinion are more sophisticated than the Play Music, and offer a lot of options to the users. They will download the music you demand for you from their large and diverse database, and even play the music the way you want. Moreover, all the apps are absolutely free, which means you will not have to spend a single penny, neither for the app nor for the music. Here is the list of top 5 free music downloader apps for Android:

  1. Music Maniac: Music Maniac app has been our long time favorite app to download and listen to the music in your Android device. This app gives you access to a huge database of mp3 songs and you will find almost all songs licensed under creative commons.  You can search songs by title or by artist and then begin your download. The download progress can be seen in the app or the notification bar of your Android.
    The downloaded songs will have all the necessary tags such as song and artist title, album title and date. The downloaded songs will be in the “Musicmaniac” folder in your SDcard. After staying as quite a popular app in the Play Store for a long time, this app has now been removed from the store, and we don’t know the reason behind this. But you can read our full review (this app was also featured here) and get the download link of this app in : Download songs with Music maniac app for AndroidMusic Maniac: Best music downloader apps for Android
  2. MP3 Music Downloader Musiclab: This app is pretty good too. When you launch it after having it downloaded and installed, you will be amazed by its smooth and easy-to-use interface. As soon as you enter the app, you will see the various options in the top. The relevant aspects of the options are seen in the screen. The ‘search’ which appears in the top left is the place, where you can search for any of your favorite track. When you type any song’s title, artist, album or any keyboard, you will be amazed further by its database. You can search for songs of almost any genre of any country or language. The high quality copy left music, and the fast search results are the pros of this app which appeal us to download and install this app. The simple interface which is not colorful, can not be liked by some of us however. Read our full review on: Download and listen your favorite music with MP3 Music Downloader MusicLabfree music downloader apps for Android
  3. Mp3 Music Download: This app is similar to the previous two apps, and not less nice than them. This has larger database than most of the apps in the play store, and its main positive aspect is that it is available in the google play store, so you can download it and install it directly from your play store app. Some issues are reported by the users though- that they can’t find the music in their phone’s library after they download it. To solve this, search for music first. When you find your desired song, select song and click on it to play. Then you can download song. Song downloads to “Library” section inside of app, not to “My Music” section of app. There is a difference. After exiting this app, song has only been downloaded to the app and has not been downloaded to the app user’s device. You can download this app from here. top music downloader apps for Android smartphone
  4. Mp3 Music Download Idrisyou: This is also a ‘just another music downloader app’, but is nicer than the most. You can set the app preferences in it, which will let you choose to download using an external app, then choose your music player as that app, and make sure the download folder is the same one where your other music is. Just click No or cancel if it asks you to update the app or download another one. The download speed in this app can be comparatively slower, it is fine. There were some issues reported in the previous version of this app, but have been solved in the latest update. The only down Side about this app is that you have to constantly update the app if you want find a song, even if it’s a few years old. The layout is beautiful and its very easy to find and download the music. You can download this app from here. MP3 Music Download app Idrisyou
  5. Music Download Paradise Mp3: This app is okay for the most part, including downloading the music and all. There were some issues in this app in previous version, which included the keyboard being messed up sometimes, other times it just shuts off without warning. It has been solved in the latest update, and now  this app works butter smooth. This app also have a problem that some songs are downloaded, but aren’t available in the “music” player. Restarting your phone may solve the problem. You have the options to download the song or save it into a “favorites” category where there is no downloading involved and you can still listen to it, but every time a new song is loaded, it lags for the first three to five seconds.You will be able to play the music only after you download it, and hence, notice the title or artist carefully. You can download this app from here. Music Download Paradise Mp3

This was the list of our favorite five free music downloader apps for Android. If you want to add some apps of similar category to the list, or express your opinion on the list, you can leave your comment below.


  1. Thanks admin for this awesome article. I tested 2-3 apps and I found it’s really awesome. I also want for my windows phone, so please provide me. Really it’s a awesome blog i found on google ever.
    Best Regards.

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