Samsung, one of the top companies in the field of electronic has always made happy to its costumer. Recently, Samsung launched Note 7 with many improvements and some remarkable change/addition over last model and now the company looks forward to launch its new smartwatch “ Gear S3 ” on August 31, just one day ahead of IFA. The event will be in German capital, Berlin. The event invite reads ‘Talk About 3’ as we can see in the photo.

Samsung Gear S3Samsung will launch the Gear S3 on August 31

The photo speaks many things in itself. We can see a graphic that resembles a watch and hands pointing to 6 o’clock- which is the time to start the event. Some other information are also given below the graphic that talks about date of launch and site to view the event live. You will be pretty much amazed to know that Gear S2 was also launched on the same date (August 31) last year. Gear S3 tweetThe Gear S3 is expect to stick with its round display and rotatable bezel. It is also believed that Gear S3 likely to be operated by Samsung’s own software Tizen as well as its mobile payment system Samsung Pay. It is also believed that watch will be charged wirelessly and is waterproof. Gear S3 could also have upgraded software including health tracking features.

According to the SamMobile reports: Samsung’s Gear S3 might come in three models – : Classic, Frontier and Explorer. Some of the rumors about the watch is, it will come with an integrated GPS, altimeter, barometer, and speedometer.

These are some of the expected and rumored specs of Gear S3. Whether it includes these features or not, we’ll find out on August 31. It is also said that releasing Gear S3 on August 31 is an attempt to enter the market before the Apple launches its new iWatch in September.

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