Samsung Galaxy S10 is a magnificent device, but that doesn’t mean it is immune to issues. If you drop it, it’ll break, if you submerge it in water, it’ll break. There are tons of such issues. But for most of them, there is a solution or at least a way to troubleshoot it. One such issue is the moisture detected error. This issue is caused mainly when the device as in contact with water and some of it got into the charging port. Another reason could be humidity. If you live in a particularly humid area, residual moisture can build up and damage your device. But before you take your device for repair, there are things you can try. Here’s how to fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Moisture detected error.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Moisture detected error

If the error keeps popping up and you have no idea what you should do, follow the troubleshooting steps below to try and fix the error.

Dry Device: The most probable reason why you are getting the error is water. If you were by the pool or any water bodies, or you live in a humid area, there is a high chance that some water has gotten into the charging port. Samsung made sure that in such a condition, the device won’s take any charge. The best thing you could do in this situation is to try and dry the device.

You should disconnect the cable from the port and leave the phone to dry on its own. In room temperature, the moisture should dry on its own. If that is not possible, you could try other heat sources. Make sure that it is not left too near a heat source for a prolonged period. Another thing you could do is take a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol and clean the port. Do not be too harsh though; it may damage the port. After you’ve cleaned it, restart the phone and see if it is charging and the error is gone.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Moisture detected error

Force Restart: If the device is physically fine and has not been in contact with water, and you’re still getting the error, then the OS might be the problem. As you cannot remove the batter of a Galaxy S10, you can perform something close enough. A force restart will have similar effects of removing the battery. This will clear the OS of any bugs that might be the culprit. To perform a force restart, press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons for 10 seconds.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Moisture detected error

You can also;

  • Check using other charging accessories.
  • Run the device on safe mode and see if the problem occurs.
  • Clean the system partition from Recovery (Switch off. Press and hold Volume Up, Bixby and Power buttons till you see a green Android logo)
  • Factory reset.
  • If the charging port is damaged, use wireless charging.

If nothing seemed to work, get the device to a repair center or Samsung’s Service Center.

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