Protect Android from Hacking

With the increasing usage of smart devices these days, they’ve become just as vulnerable as computers. You probably use your smartphone more than you use your computer, so there is potentially more personal and sensitive information. So how do you protect android from hacking?


How to Protect Android from Hacking

To know how to protect it from hacking, firstly you’ll need to know the symptoms. There are a few common giveaways that let you know if your device got hacked or has viruses. Some an ad is more than an ad. They may contain a link that will give you a virus. Some of the signs are:

  1. Suspicious pop-ups
  2. Slow device
  3. High data usage
  4. Random Ads
  5. Unusual battery usage
  6. Unknown app installation

Random popups are the foremost giveaway that points to your device being hacked. If you’re getting a lot of pop up with unusual messages then your device has viruses. If your device is getting extremely slow, you may have a lot of unwanted services running in the background. This is a sign of a hack. Moreover, if the data usage is higher than intended along with a high battery usage, your device may be hacked or has viruses.

So what do you do when this happens? You can flash your device with a new and updated firmware. These updates may contain fixes for the vulnerabilities. If flashing is too much for you, you can run a anti-virus program to get rid of any malwares or viruses. There are a lot of anti-virus app that clain to be the “best”; you should look for those from reputable developers like Avast, AVG, BitDefender, etc. You can also try uninstalling suspecious apps or factory resetting your device.

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