The screen on Google Pixel 2 XL is not bad, but compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8 they look dull and lack vividness. However, the November update of Oreo for Pixel 2 XL featured a new color management system. This help improves what was before lacking – display quality. This article explains how to change Pixel 2 XL color modes.

How to Change Pixel 2 XL Color Modes

Pixel uses sRGB color mode, as it is designed to show true-to-life colors. This means the colors shown on the screen are close to what you see in real life. But this may not always be a good option for smartphone screens. Follow the steps below to change Pixel 2 XL’s color modes;

  1. Open Setting by either taping on the gear icon on the notification panel or by taping on the Settings icon on the app drawer.
  2. Locate and tap on Display.
  3. Tap on Advanced to bring up additional settings.
  4. Scroll down till you find Colors. Tap on it.
  5. Choose from the list of 3 options: Natural, Boosted and Saturated.Change Pixel 2 XL Color Modes

Natural is set by default. You will see the same old boring colors. Selecting Boosted increases the saturation and vibrancy and makes the colors look more vivid. The third and final option is probably the best and what most of you will choose. Selecting Saturated makes the screen of Pixel 2 XL to produce colors to look like that on iPhone or Galaxy S8. You’ll see vivid and crisp colors. However, if Saturated is too bright for you, you can always go back to Boosted. It is still better than the default, yet it produces vivid colors while watching a movie or playing games.

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