There are hundreds of web browsers on the Play Store, each with different functionality and feature of some sort. They are not created equal. You may like the clean interface of one browser but performance of another or support for add-ons of one browser but ease of access of another. You’ll be drowned with options and confusions. But who says you cannot use more than one web browser at the same time? For instance, I use Chrome as my regular browser because of its rendering speed and performance but I switch to Firefox if I need to view and flash based content. And after you read this article, opening links will never be this simpler. Snaikdev has developed an app that lets you open links in different browser with simple gestures. This article explains how to download, setup and Open links with gestures using LinkSwipe.

Before we get started, we need to download the app. Install LinkSwipe from the Play Store. Follow this link to download and install this app from Play Store. You don’t have to worry about paying for this app as it is completely free, although there is also a paid version with added functionality.

When the installation is complete, you need to open the app. It’ll ask you to calibrate for the first usage. Tap on ‘Yes’. If you want to set LinkSwipe as the default app to open links then tap on ‘Set Default’ and choose LinkSwipe then tap on ‘Always’. Now you calibrate your swipe gesture to determine the time that should pass between a tap and the swipe to open links. Tap on ‘Calibrate’ and swipe on any direction when the screen turns blue. The period of time between you taping the calibrate button and swiping will be used as a base for your future gestures. After you’re done calibrating tap on ‘Done’.calibrate linkswipe1

Now we need to configure LinkSwipe to recognize gestures for opening links on different browsers. There are five gestures (i.e. tap, tap and swipe left, tap and swipe right, tap and swipe up and tap and swipe down) but only two are available on the free version. Go to this link if you want to unlock pro features. If you want to stick with the free version then tap on any of the two available gestures and choose what browsers should it open or action it’ll perform. The default is the ‘Tap’ to open the links. The other available gesture includes extra actions such as ‘Open in browser’, ‘Share link’, ‘Open share chooser’, ‘Copy link to clipboard’, ‘Cancel link’ and  ‘No action’.configure linkswipe

You have to be a little quick to use this app. For instance, if you tap on the link to it’ll open on the default browser you’ve assigned but if you immediately swipe left, it’ll open  on the secondary browser or ‘Action’ will be opened.

LinkSwipe is a wonderful app that helps you to browse the web with ease. You can open different links on different browsers with just gestures, how convenient is that?


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