When you are given an option to choose between Bixby and Google Assistant, what would you choose? I am pretty sure the majority of people will choose Google Assistant over Bixby because it is simply superior. But Samsung wants it to be used by their user even if they do not want it. Some of the users do not even have the luxury to disable it easily. For those who can simply turn it off from settings, you guys are lucky. This article is especially for those who are using Note 9 running firmware version or later. Here’s how to disable Bixby in Galaxy Note 9.

Disable Bixby in Galaxy Note 9

There is one method to disable Bixby in Note 9 – using a package disabler. You may be thinking there should be an option in the App Manager to disable Bixby. Give the info page a visit, you will see that the Disable button is grayed out.

Disable Bixby in Galaxy Note 9

We didn’t know Bixby was that important. No worries, there is a workaround. You can still disable Bixby with a disabler package. Although this would have been unnecessary if Samsung just let its user disable Bixby with a tap. But we gotta do what we gotta do.

You will need ADB to disable Bixby along with other system apps you do not need. This does not require your device to be rooted. All you need is a computer and Google’s SDK tools. Install the SDK package on your PC and hook your Note 9 via a USB cable.

Disable Bixby in Galaxy Note 9

To find the package name of the app, you will need to check it via an app called App Inspector. Find the package name and use the command to uninstall “–k –user 0 XX”. XX is the name of the package. This code is written in the ADB Shell. Follow this guide to learn more about ADB and Fastboot.

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