Previously, you needed to press and hold the gear icon on Quick Settings to unlock System UI Tuner. This is no longer the case. Android Pie has introduced a new way to get in System UI Tuner. For those who do not know, System UI Tuner lets you modify icons on the status bar; you can turn certain icons off or modify them to show additional information. Here’s how to modify status bar icons on Android Pie.

Modify Status Bar Icons on Android Pie

The first step is to create an activity widget. There are tons of launchers that let you do this but at this time, there are only a few that are compatible with the new Android Pie. For this tutorial, we will be using Nova Launcher.

Step 1: Get Nova Launcher from the Google Play Store. Set it as the default launcher by pressing the home button if your device has one or you can change it via System Settings.

Step 2: When on the home screen, tap and hold on an empty space until a popup appears. There, find and select Widgets.

Modify Status Bar Icons on Android Pie

Step 3: Find the section called Activities.

Step 4: Scroll down till you find System UI. Tap on it and from the list choose System UI demo mode.

Now it is time to actually modify the icons on status bar.

Step 5: Tap the newly created widget icon to launch System UI Tuner.

Step 6: You will find 2 options – Status bar and Do not disturb. Select Status bar.

Modify Status Bar Icons on Android Pie

Step 7: You can disable any icon by simply using the toggle beside the name. You will notice that Battery and Time have no toggle. You can tap each of them to open a popup with a small list of options that lets you modify them.

Step 8: The Do not disturb option has only one item – Volume buttons shortcut. Disabling this will not let you enter DND mode just by lowering the volume using the volume buttons.

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