Smartphone is easily the most used and important gadget you’ve ever had. You can use it as everything – camera, gaming console, calculator, hard disk, music player, etc. So many features packed in such a small device. It is difficult even to imagine going a day without your smartphone. You use while shopping to verify if the product you’re interested to buys is original, you use it while working out to keep track of your vitals, and you even use it to calm you crying baby by playing a lullaby to her. You use you smartphone every day for even the simplest task, that’s why losing it or getting it stolen causes a lot of panic. Losing your smartphone is your mistake – I can’t help you with that. However, I can help you reduce the panic. Here are some simple anti-theft measures for android you can take to reduce the panic.
Set Up A Secure Screen Lock:Anti Theft Measures For Android in lock screen.
This is the most basic method of securing your phone from robbers and data thieves. There are many ways you can set up a secure screen lock – pattern lock, PIN lock, Password lock and Face lock if your device supports it. This will help prevent people from sticking their nose into your precious data when you’re away. Setting up your screen lock is easy. Just follow the mentioned steps.
• Open Settings
• Scroll down until you see Security. Tap on it.
• Select “Screen Lock”. Slide is selected as default.
• Select the screen lock of your choice.
• Now your phone can be woken up exclusively by you.
Encrypt Your Data:encrypt
This is a highly recommended method of securing your Android smartphone. Android has an in-built feature that allows you to encrypt all of your accounts, settings, downloaded apps, media and all the other files. After the phone is encrypted, you require to enter a PIN or Password every time you power up your phone; you can’t open it otherwise. This is a very effective way to prevent data theft as only you can open your phone. However Factory Resetting will decrypt you phone but still you data will not be stolen as factory reset will wipe all the data on your smartphone. Encrypting your smartphone is easy.

• Open Settings.
• Scroll down until you see Security. Open it.
• Tap on “Encrypt Phone”.
• Set a PIN or Password and let the encryption begin.

Backup Your Data:titanium backup pro
Backing up you data on a regular basis is mandatory. This will ensure you have you photos, videos, apps and everything else with you in case you’re smartphone gets stolen. Use Titanium Backup by Titanium Track to backup app and its data and transfer it to a PC. You can even schedule backup to run daily or weekly. Use SMS Backup and Restore by Ritesh Sahu to back up all your SMS and MMS. And to back up everything else like videos, songs, images, etc., connect your smartphone to a computer and copy-paste whatever is needed.
Install And Setup an Anti-Theft App:Cerberus
Some developers have come up with some anti-theft tools that can track your phone, erase/delete everything on your phone remotely, and even take pictures remotely. This things can be done via an app called Cerberus by LSDroid. Cerberus is a pioneer in anti-theft measures and is one of the most trusted and downloaded app. This app allows you to remotely lock/unlock your device, activate alarm, record audio, track phone’s position, take pictures when someone enters incorrect PIN, factory reset, etc. Cerberus offers a 1 week trial but you can purchase a lifetime license for $4. There are other alternatives that offers similar functionality such as 360 Security by Qihu 360 Software, LTD and Prey Anti-Theft by Fork LTD.
Use Tags:cobratag
This is an interesting anti-theft measure that will alert you whenever you walk away from your smartphone and prevent you from losing it. Cobra Tag is a small Smart Tag like gadget that alerts you when you get too far away from your phone. All you have to do is install this app and setup location features. This Tag also has a button to make your phone ring automatically. Cobra Tag will cost your $40. There are other alternatives like StickNFind ($49.99), ZOMM ($79.95), iFi Smart Tag ($29.95) etc.
These are some simple anti-theft measures for android that can save you with a lot of troubles that may arise from losing your phone and can prevent you from losing your phone altogether.


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