It has been a lot time since the release of the latest version of android operating system, 4.4 KitKat, and now is the last stable 4.4.3. Unless you are a geek or simply a nerd, you may not have much idea about how to play with your android kitkat device fully (eg. to switch default launcher). The same is the case with the default launcher of your Android KitKat smartphone/tablet. Most of the smartphone brands have their own UI (for example- Samsung Galaxy S5 has TouchWiz UI, and HTC One M8 has Sense 6.0 UI) , and those who do not (for example- Google Nexus 5, or Nexus 4) , work with the pre-set default Launcher of the Android operating system. Running the same type of launcher everyday and every time can be boring for most of us (there may be some exceptions out there, though), and to get rid of it, most of us may have installed some third-party launcher apps from the play store or elsewhere.

switch default launcher easily

In the Android operating system, before the release of KitKat version (upto Android 4.3 JellyBean or older versions) , it was quite difficult to switch default launcher of the devices (smartphones/tablets). The process was such that you had to go to the playstore, download and install a new launcher and while going to the homescreen, you had to select either of the launchers as default ones. To change this was not so easy, since you either had to uninstall the launcher you had installed, or you again have to download and install another launcher, so that while going back to the home screen once again, you would be given the choice of selecting any  of them as default launcher. Yeah, this was certainly a boring process, even more than using the same launcher everyday. Now, in the KitKat version of Android Operating system, the developers have made so much easy process to switch default launcher of your android device.

switch default launcher

To easily switch default launcher of your Android KitKat smartphones/tablets, you now need to go to Menu > Settings > Home. There you will see the list of several launchers you have installed in your smartphone, and then you will also see the option to select any one of them as the default launcher of your android smarphone. Considering third party launchers are among the most popular apps in the Play Store, this new change is a right direction in improving usability. The home sub-menu inside the settings also has the option to uninstall the launcher contained in your device which you do not want to keep anymore. The new ‘Home’ option makes sense when you consider the fact that OEMs might need to ship the stock Google launcher in all Android 4.4+ devices, since it is now a part of Google Search/Apps.

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