kitkat tipsIt’s been a while since the release of last version of Android 4.4 KitKat, and by now almost all the high-end devices have got this update, apart from the flagships which get released in the latest version only. It may not be a revolution for the mobile operating system, but it certainly has more features than it used to have in its previous versions. Here we’ve come up with some useful Android KitKat tips and tricks which you’d love to apply in your phone:


Activate Google Now with your voice
In your KitKat operated Android phone, you can activate Google Now, by simply saying ”OK Google”, a process like that of Siri on iPhone. When you are in the homescreen, all you need to do is just say those two words, and you’ll be prompted to speak your next command where you can order your phone whatever you like, from most simple to most complex tasks. You need to be aware to make your voice clear, and not command the wrong word.

Save battery by using Wi-Fi to determine your location
It is another smart option used in the Kitkat, where you can have a number of options to determine your location. Apart from GPS which was solely used in the previous Android devices, you can now find your location using Wi-Fi and mobile networks too. Using Wi-Fi is an useful method to save your battery life.

Wipe your phone remotely when you lose it
In your Android KitKat smartphone, you’ll now have the option of wiping all your data remotely. Losing the phone is a painful experience, and the fear of the datas being misused is even more painful. Google has your back, however, and provides the means to remotely locate and wipe your phone should it get missing. You’ll need to enable it from the device before you lose it, though – go to the Google Settings application in your app drawer and select Android Device Manager, then turn on “Remotely Locate This Device” and “Allow Remote Lock and Factory Reset”.

Switch on developer mode
Developer mode was easily accessible in the previous versions of the Android OS, but since the JellyBean version, Google has hidden it. To switch on the developer mode and get too many nerdy features, you need to go to Settings > About Phone and then tap the “Build Number” section seven times. This will give you access to the developer mode, but you’ll need to be alert of what you’re doing.

Prevent yourself being bothered by alarm by dismissing it
Alarm is very useful for many of us, but it may be annoying sometimes or certain circumstances. When there’s a alarm to ring, and you’re not in the  condition of being disturbed by it, you’ll not need to worry if you’re using Android KitKat smartphone. In this version, there is be an advance alarm notification system, which gives you the information about the alarm to ring an hour before. With this feature, you can either dismiss it before it rings and disturbs you, or keep it to alert you what you previously kept the alarm for.


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