Most of us may be using a mid-to-low end android phones which suffer a lot by freezing or hanging frequently. If you are pissed off by continuous freezing of your phone, here we have some ideas about how to boost up your android smartphone speed.

htc one m8Most android phones, even the high-end phones, have the problem of hanging, or running too much slow, unlike phones having iOS or WP. You can consider the following points to avoid it to some extent:-

  • Always use the back button to exit the application after you’ve finished using it. The back button given in your phone is to be used, not for decoration 😀 . Using this closes most of the apps whereas using the home button keeps them in standby mode which consumes a lot of RAM, processor and battery too! 
  • Many IM or VOIP apps like wechat, viber, whatsapp, line etc aren’t closed even by using the back button! They always are in standby mode and hence eat whatever they can of your phone. Hence, its good to uninstall that type of apps which you don’t use. Not only these, there is no point in keeping those apps which you don’t ever use!

  • The apps which claim themselves to boost the RAM and speed up your phone are usually gimmicks (there are some exceptions, though). They further use those aspects which they claim to free and make your phone freeze further! You should check yourselves which one of them actually is true as claimed!
  • There may be preinstalled unnecessary gimmicks on your phone which you can’t even uninstall (this is really annoying). There is mostly the option to forcefully close them, and you should go for it.
  • boost your speed of smartphoneAlways use high-speed external storage memory card (class 10 or above). Memory card with slow speed below class 10 will take long time to read and write data on it.
  • Phones with low internal memory can get a boost from high-capacity with high-speed memory cards for maximum storage space and performance.
  • Keep as few widgets as possible. Disable or delete the widgets which are of no use to you.
  • Turn off auto-sync or animations. They always start when you need extra free space for your phone to run basic apps and contribute in freezing your phone.
  • Update your apps when available. This will make your apps run in latest updated condition and contribute less in making your phone slow.

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If you follow the above-given suggestions, tips and tweaks will help in making your Android smart phone faster and smoother while in use which eventually help boost the speed of android smartphone. Have other Android-related performance-enhancing tips and tricks? Let us know on comment below.


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