samsung galaxy grandIf you are tired of using your old phone and planning to buy a new
mid range android device, we are here giving some tips you should
remember while selecting the phone.
High-end phones are usually too expensive for most of us, while
low-end phones mostly piss us off too much while using, hence
mid-range devices can always be the good alternatives for our current


Here are some points to remember for how to select a best mid-range android device

Brand:- Usually top brands are expensive, but they have better
costumer service operations
than the normally cheap less selling brands. It’s upto you
what to choose, better
service or lower price. Some can be exceptions, though!!

Processor:- It is one of the most important aspects to consider.
Usually for normal use, 1.2
GHz dual core Cortex-A9 or quad core Cortex-A7 would be
fine (with snapdragon 400 or 600 chipsets) , but you should do a
proper research on processors and their capacity. Lower
processors are too much
slow, and higher ones are not included in mid-range phones 😀

RAM:- This is another one of the most important aspect needed for  your phone to run
efficiently. For versions 2.3 to 4.3, 1 GB is preferred, and for latest 4.4 kitkat, 512 MB would be fine
(according to the developers :).

Display:- Taking this thing into consideration, you should normally
check the screen size
and its resolution. Don’t buy the phones having pixel
density less than200 ppi, since you won’t want to
sit and count your pixel on the phone later :p

Battery:- Normally it depends upon the processor and display you
prefer, because the higher the basic items, the more they drain the
battery. The least recommended is 1500 mAH, since you’d not want to
charge your phones multiple times a day.

Android version:- Android is one of the frequently updated OS, and if
you don’t want to fall back, choose the phone which has latest version
of it. Many people are still using their old Gingerbread phones till
now, but the least recommended is 4.0 ICS or higher. Many phones can
be updated later, but most updates make the phones slower than before,
hence we should choose latest pre-installed version while buying.

Build of phone:- It depends upon the roughness your usage and your
selection of style. Most android devices out there have plastic build,
but there are plenty of phones out there which have metal (mostly
aluminium) body.

Graphics:- You might not wand a mid-range device if you’re a hardcore
gamer, but it doesn’t mean that you would not want to play some funny
games at all in your device. Adreno 300 or 305 can be the good option
for some softcore gaming options.

SAR:- Everyone has concern about their own health. obviously!
Different nations may have set limits according to their own
standards, but you should select phone having as less SAR as possible.

After taking all these points into consideration, you should check the
specifications of the phones you’ve selected properly, and act
accordingly. Usually the high-end devices of past years can be good
mid-end phones of this year, but there are lot of them released
recently anyway! Some of the good options are Xperia M, M2, Galaxy
Grand, Grand 2, S3, Motorola Moto G, Micromax Canvas 4(for Indian
users), Huawei Ascend Mate/P6, and so on.


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