android jelly beanWell, most techblogs and websites have already published “what’s new on android 4.3” posts. We’re a little behind but frankly there is not much change in the new OS for the regular users. The UI is said to be a bit smoother with better touch sync and the new apps widgets are expected to look cooler with glow and shadow effects. Other than that, most of the major changes will benefit android developers.  Here is list of features of Android 4.3 Jellybean:

Restrictive profile: This feature will allow you to activate a separate profile that will restrict key features like app’s access to internet or internet browsing or prevent access to the apps itself. With many accidental in-game purchases from kids, parents can have some breathing room with the restrictive profile enabled.

Notification: Apps are now allowed to access the notification bar. Previously, apps had to hack their way into it. This means more and more apps will now utilize the status bar and make it more interactive for users.

WiFi: In Android 4.3, Even when you’ve turned wifi off, you Android still scans for local networks to acquire location data for apps that utilize such info. This will improve your battery life since GPS eat up more battery than wifi networks.

Hardware geotagging: All location based calculations is now said to be handles by hardware instead of Android softwares. This will relieve software load and make the system faster.

OpenGL 3: With OpenGl 3.0 developers can use high quality graphics to create awesome looking games with better rendering and frame rates.

Digital Rights Management: With DRM API integration in apps, you will be able to view high quality video streaming like 1080p videos in Netflix.

Smart Bluetooth and Bluetooth AVRCP: Smart Bluetooth or Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy(BLE) uses less power and provides stable connection with compatible bluetooth devices like smart watches, fitness trackers, weighing scales and heart rate monitors. BLE is said to use less power and provide more stable connections.With the new version 1.3, Bluetooth AVRCP will support features like displaying your song when you stream audio via Bluetooth in your car’s stereo.

More features:

  • “Virtual Surround Sound” feature for compatible devices
  • View disable apps via new tab in system settings
  • Other apps can now use the quick response via SMS feature when you are too busy to pick up the call.  Previously only Android’s default messenger could do that.

The new Nexus 7 will be the first device to ship with Android 4.3 and Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 10 will also get the OTA update. It is also reported that Sony’s Xperia devices will also be among the first to get the update.


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