In February, China overtook US as the world’s largest smart device market with 246 million active smartphones and tablets compared to 230 million in U.S. Now according to latest report from Flurry, China’s total active smart devices have crossed 261 million in June which means China now has 24% of total global smart devices. Looks like there is no time-out for smartphone manufacturers as they try to capture their chunk of market in China.

Going deeper in the analytics, we can see who are the biggest players in the smartphone arena in China. Currently Apple has the highest share with 35%, followed by Samsung 15% and local manufacturer Xiaomi 6% and other manufacturer occupy 44% share. This statistics indicate that Xiaomi, which sold its first phone in 2011, is going to come out as a major competitor for international brands in the coming years. Xiaomi has even beaten major international brands like HTC, LG , Sony and Motorola and local brands like Huawei, Lenovo, ZTE and Oppo. Currently Xiaomi only produces limited number of smartphones but in the coming years it plans to increase its production and also enter the android tablet market. In this research sample, 20% of the iOS devices were tablets(ipads) compared to only 4% of Android devices.

flurry xiaomi stats android market share

Source: Flurry



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