Have you ever heard about second space in any of the android devices especially in smartphones ?. Do you think you can run a single app twice in your device ? i.e. using two Facebook app at once, two Instagram app at once. Do you think is this really possible ? The answer is yes. Seriously, I am not joking. If you don’t believe me then let’s see how you can enable second space in XIAOMI device.

SECOND SPACE is one of the awesome feature introduced by the XIAOMI. This feature is handy with the devices that runs on the MIUI version of  8. I.e. MIUI 8. It is also one of the best feature when it comes to matter of user privacy. The advantage of second space is that you can have your own private space for you in your device. Also, you can use this feature as guest mode while handing over the device to others. The choice is yours.

Let’s follow the procedure to enable second space in your XIAOMI or MI devices so that you can enjoy with the feature on your device.

Step 1 : Go To Setting

The first and formal step is to go to the SETTING option from your device.

enabling second space

Step 2 : Click on the second space tab

Furthermore, Scroll down the settings and you will come up with the Second Space option.

enable second space


Step 3 : Click on the button

Next, click on the Second Space tab and you will see the button “Turn on Second space”. Just click the button.

enable second space


Step 4 : Press Continue

After the creation of second space, press the Continue button located in the right bottom corner.

enable second space

Step 5 : Press Continue

You will be given two options, just choose one option from the list and press the continue button. ( Here, I will choose the “Using a Password” option).

enable second space


Step 6 : Set the password

The next step involved here is to set the password for your second space. Click the Set now button on the right bottom corner to the set the password.

enable second space


Step 7 : Next

First you will be asked password for first space i.e. for the space that you are currently using. Enter the password for the first space and press Next.


Step 8 : Press Ok

Here you have to enter password for the second space. Note that the password used should be different from the password used for the first space. Enter the password and press the continue button. Again you have to type the same password to confirm your pin. Then press ok.

enable second spaceenable second space


Step 9 : Choose the option

Furthermore, You will be asked to set fingerprint. If you want to unlock second space with fingerprint than press the set now button else you can skip the process by pressing the skip button. ( I am skipping the set fingerprint process here).

enable second space


Step 10 : Final Step

In this step you will be redirected to the second space. I.e. we have successfully completed all the procedure.

second space


Enjoy the space surfing around it. You can install various application into it or you can do stuffs whatever you like. You can use it as private space as well as guest space, the choice is yours. If you want to switch back to the first space than you will see the Switch option in the home screen. You will require credentials of first space to switch. You can also use fingerprint option if you have configured fingerprint during installation.


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