How many of you have used dual apps for facebook application or dual Instagram account or any other application? Do you think, you can use two instances of an application within the same phone? Yes, will be my answer if you ask me the question in return.

Many of the users access different account with the help of the same application. It is quite bothering to use a different account within the same application as you have to follow their own process to get access to the respective accounts.

The feature dual app allows the user to use two instances of a mobile application within the same smartphone or android device. With the use of a dual app, feature user can run two facebook app, two Instagram app, two twitter app etc and so on from their own smartphone. Isn’t the feature cool? Such application becomes handy when the user accesses two social media accounts from the same application. But How? 

With this feature, you can run two instances of application with two different social accounts at the same time. For eg, if you have two facebook account then you can log in to two individual facebook accounts separately at the same time on two instances of facebook application.   

Probably, dual application feature is available within numbers of smartphones. Among these smartphones, Xiaomi Redmi 4 is one of the smartphones to provide dual apps feature where two instances of the same application are created. Xiaomi has launched the feature of dual application from the version of MIUI 8.

How to enable dual apps in MIUI 8?

The dual app feature is quite similar to the feature second space. Second space feature allows the user to create two instances of OS while the dual app feature allows users to create two instances of an application. Second space is also one of the great features of Xiaomi and runs on the version of MIUI 8 as like dual app.  It is also one of the best features when it comes to the matter of user privacy. With the help of second space, you can have your own private space for you in your device.

Enabling the dual app feature is quite simple. Just you have to move into the phone’s setting to toggle the dual app feature. You will see the separate icon for the app on your home screen once the feature clones the instance of the application. Let’s get started.

Go To Setting from your home screen.

dual apps

Scroll down the menu and tap the Dual apps option.

dual apps

Toggle the application to clone.

dual apps dual apps


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