You’ve probably heard printer with scanners. Some of you may even have such devices in your offices, homes, shops etc to scan documents. But my question to you is what if you are in emergency and you have to scan your documents but there are no availability of scanners around you ? Don’t worry you are in the technical age where every problem has it’s appropriate solution. Just Take out your Xiaomi Redmi Smartphone and scan your documents. Now, you will ask me question But how ? Is it possible to scan document through smartphones ? My answer will be yes. So, how can you scan documents let’s discuss.

[quote]Note : This post is only for the user with XIAOMI REDMI Smartphones. Probably, there are options to scan documents on other smart devices also. But this article focuses the MI Smart phones user.[quote]

Scan documents using camera

XIAOMI has come up with various great features. One of the awesome feature of  XIAOMI is that you can scan document using your camera. You can scan documents with the help of app called Scanner App. Scanner app is a built in app that comes with XIAOMI Redmi smartphones. so , you don’t need to download it from the google play. With the Scanner App you can scan QR Codes, and Documents

Here are the simple procedure to scan documents using Scanner App.

Step 1 : Go To Tools > Scanner

You can see a folder named Tools in the home screen of your phone. Click the folder and you will see the Scanner App. Open the app.

Step 2 : Choose the option

Once the app is launched you will see the screen where you can choose the option whether to scan the QR Codes or to scan the documents. Choose the option according to your need.

Scanning QR Codes

Place the QR Code within the scanning frame then it will start scanning the code.

Scanning Documents and Business Card.

Place the document within the scanning frame and press the capture button. It will scan the document and the app will perfectly shape the document. If you need to adjust the borders of the document, click Adjust and crop the document.


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