Have you ever play YouTube in the background? How many of you feel comfortable playing youtube in the background? or let me ask do you know how to play youtube as background music in your android smartphone? If your answer to all the above questions that I have asked is yes then congratulation you know how to play YouTube in the background as many of the android users are still unaware of it.

YouTube is a platform where we can get various video contents including TV shows, Tutorials, music videos and much more. We can also consider YouTube as an internet replacement for the TV.

Play Youtube Video In Background

Sometimes you need to listen to music rather than only watching the videos. Or let’s say you have to be busy with something else on your phone but at the same time, you also want to listen to the music that is playing right now on YouTube. Now the only option you have now is to close the youtube app because there is no option for youtube to play in the background. Closing the app will also close the video from playing.

However, if you have a YouTube Premium then you can easily play your content in the background. Some of the smartphones including Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG’s V30 offers user to split-screen multitasking which allows you to have a YouTube window alongside some other activity. It can be as elegant as actually working in the background but people are figuring out alternative tactics for playing YouTube on the background.

In this article, we will discuss the steps or process on how you can play your youtube videos on background on the android smart device. Let’s get started.

Steps to be followed on Android to Play Youtube as background music.

For Android, users can use Google’s Chrome browser. You can switch your chrome browser to the desktop mode, then exit the app and resume playback using the notification shade. This is one of the easiest ways to play Youtube in the background. You can play or pause either from the notification panel or from the phone’s lock screen.

  1. First, Open Chrome browser from the menu panel of your android smartphone.
  2. Go to youtube.com URL in the Chrome Browser.
  3. Now you will see the three-dot menu at the top right. Tap on it you will see the list of menus.
  4. Apply Tick mark on the Desktop site by tapping on the small box.
  5. Once the desktop site mode opens you will see the Desktop version of YouTube on your browser screen.
  6. Navigate to the video you want to listen and play it.
  7. If youtube sends the notification then accept it.
  8. Now exit the chrome and you will be able to resume your video or music from the Notification Menu. You can also play or pause as per your requirement.

Once you are done, youtube completely runs on the background. You can also get involved in using another app while the music is playing in the background. The choice is yours. Now you know how to play videos on background for android. Let’s figure out how to do it on Android.

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