Money Conversion is one thing you always keep on your mind while traveling for business or for holiday. You wonder how much that coffee cost in your local currency. Probably you may not know the currency rate of the country you are visiting. You don’t need to calculate by yourself while making a purchase. Now there is plenty of mobile application that helps you with money conversion. You can quickly make currency conversion using these applications.

In this article, we have mentioned a list of money conversion application for Android smartphone. This application gives the information you need regarding currency conversion. With these apps, you can quickly get the figure in your local currency. It also gives you instant results on how your local currency is doing in numbers and graphs. You can also analyze if your trip is more or less expensive than what you have planned. Let’s get started.

XE Currency Converter & Exchange Rate Calculator

XE Currency Converter is one of the most popular currency converter apps. This app provides reliable exchange rates and charts for free. Their new improved app has everything you need when calculating foreign exchange rates. XE Currency Converter provides lots of features to their users. Let’s check out the feature.

  1. Calculate price with currency converter.
  2. Access to world currency and precious metal.
  3. Compare your provider’s price to the mid-market rate.
  4. Monitor the markets with immediate notification using XE Rate alerts.
  5. Market Analysis highlighting currency news every day.
  6. Monitor up to 10 currencies of your choice.

XE Currency ConverterXE Currency ConverterXE Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter

Easy Currency Converter is another mobile application for money conversion. This currency converter converts currencies for over 180 countries. It also offers live exchange rates and offline mode. Users can set up their personal currency list and see all the important currencies. Users can use this mobile app in languages such as English, Spanish, German, Italian etc. Below are some of the features provided by Easy Currency Converter.

  1. Live exchange rates.
  2. Offline Mode ( no roaming fees)
  3. Convert multiple currencies at the same time.
  4. Historic graphs.
  5. Live rates & graphs provided by

Easy Currency ConverterEasy Currency ConverterEasy Currency Converter

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All Currency Converter

All Currency Converter is another name for a real-time currency exchange rates converter. This app converts currencies for over 162 countries. The app also provides a price for minerals such as gold and silver. The user can also calculate tips using tip calculator exchange rate. Shake to clear, theme color, currencies notification are some of the valuable features of the application. Besides these, here are some of the feature of All Currency Converter.

  1. View and Calculate Currency using Currency Converter.
  2. Currency Trends & Charts.
  3. Multi-Currency Converter.
  4. Exchange Rates List.
  5. Tip Calculator with Exchange Rates.
  6. Currency News and Web Search.

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