We can see a lot of effects while watching a video. People use various effects feature to make video amazing. Use of filters, sticker or any other effects makes a video good. But adding some slow motion clips in your project may add beauty to your video. Here are some of the android application that helps you with a slow-motion feature.


VivaVideo is a free video-editing android application. The video editor provides a large number of feature that is really helpful in editing the video. Besides these, it also provides the slow-motion effect feature. Users can add the slow-motion effect to the existing project or they can record a new slow-motion video for their project.

To use the Slow motion feature first, download the VivaVideo android application from the google play store. You will find the slow-motion feature under the Clip edit option. You can change the speed of video using the slider and decide how slow you want your video to be. Adding the theme to your video is another great feature available.

Key Features of VivaVideo

  • Fastest Videos Editing and Photo Movie app with Inbuilt Slow Motion Video Editor.
  • Speed Control with slow/fast motion control.
  • Video Maker with Music – Create your own Video show using Viva Video Editor.
  • Allow you to save the Video created by Viva Video Maker app instantly.
  • Merge clips into one story with a versatile range of collage templates.
  • Turn your photos into movie and slideshow masterpieces with just a few clicks!
  • New music library that features even more built-in background music.
  • Multiple capture options supported: Basic/Selfie/FX/Funny/Music Video/Collage.

Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX is an application that is developed for the Slow Motion feature. The video only offers the slow-motion feature. The Slow Motion FX application can be a compliment if slow motion feature is missing on your video editor.

This application allows you to record new one or add slow motion to video from your gallery. Users can trim the video using the slider which can be handy if users want to highlight a particular part of a video.


Slow Motion Frame Video Player

Slow Motion Frame Video Player is one of the apps for Slow motion. It let you play HD/SD videos, control frame rate, audio pitch and apply a color filter for B/W effect. Slow Motion Frame Video player consumes low CPU power and uses battery power in the most efficient way. The application is easy to use since there are only two buttons to the right side of the app. You can change the speed of the video using these two buttons. Also, you can manage, search, sort and share using this application.

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