Many People experience the error Android App Not Installed during the installation of the android application. This error usually occurs when the user installs an app using .apk file extension from somewhere on google. This error seems confusing, it is not a hardware problem or software issues. It is an outcome of our action that we perform with our device. Our faulty actions can cause such error of not installing android application on our smart devices.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the common cause and solutions to fix Android App not installed error.

Let’s have a look on some of the common cause for “Android App Not Installed” error.

Sometimes such common errors can also cause failure in application installation. In this topic, we will be discussing some of the common errors.

Insufficient Storage

Our Android device contains various data such as Apps, Photos, Videos, message and much more. These data are stored in the device and consume memory. The Inadequate storage left for another app leads to Android app not installed error.

Corrupted Application File

Application file downloaded from other sources rather than google play store are usually corrupted and hence cannot be installed on your smart device. Make sure you download the application from the trusted site.

Corrupt Storage

Corrupted SD Card can also cause the Android app not installed error. The unwanted and unnecessary data can clog internal storage which might contain an element that disturbs the storage location. Corrupted storage card and clogged internal storage can put a device in danger.

Storage Location

Sometimes certain app works best when stored in the device’s internal memory. While some app needs to be located on the SD Card. If you do not save the application in an appropriate location, it may cause android app not installed error on your device.

Let’s have a look on some of the solutions for “Android App Not Installed” error.

Since every problem has a solution we have a solution to these problems too. You don’t need to hire any professionals. You can get rid of these problems in easy and simple steps. Here is all you need to do.

Delete Unnecessary Application

Keeping unnecessary application in your device consume more space. Removing such unwanted application from the device allows to free up storage that helps in getting rid of such problems of application not installed in android.

Use of Google Play Store

Google Play Store is a trusted source for the Android application. Play store contains a safe application. Since google play store different types of the Android application so you don’t have to rely on any other third-party source to install an application. Make sure you always use a trusted source to avoid any errors during the installation.

Format SD Card

There is a high chance of your device SD card being corrupted due to which such problems occur. You can format your device SD card either from a device or externally.

Reboot Your Device

Restart your device to close all the operation that is running on your device. Sometimes such running operations can also cause such problems.

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