How many of you have encountered the problem “Viber Video Call Not Working” while trying to make a video call with your friends, family, colleague? I think most of us are familiar with this error, aren’t we? I am also one of the Viber users who got this error while trying to make a video call with my friend.

I was completely a new user for Viber. It was my first video call as I have been using the Viber application for just 2 3 days. I picked up my phone and made a video call. Suddenly a message popped up in the screen saying “Viber Video Call Not Working”. I tried different ways and fixes but didn’t help much. Even I tried reinstalling the Viber but didn’t work.

This article “How To Fix Viber Video Call Not Working In Android Smartphone” focuses on solving such problems. Here I have mentioned all the fixes that I performed to solve this error. Let’s get started.

Step One: Open Viber Setting Page.

The first and former step is to open the Viber setting page in your Viber. To open the setting page just follow these steps.

  1. Open Viber
  2. Tap on the Menu
  3. Scroll down the menu and tap Settings.

Viber Video Call Not Working

Step Two: Go To Privacy.

The next step is to go to privacy settings. Then, tap on the privacy. Once you entered the privacy mode you will sell the Collect analytics option. Just Uncheck the box.

Viber Video Call Not Working  Viber video call not working

Step Three: Enable Video Settings.

This is the final step that needs to be completed to solve the problem. You need to enable the video call in order to make the video call. So how to do that? Let’s follow. In order to enable video call return back to setting screen from the privacy menu. Then, you will see Calls and message. Tap it. There you will see the Video calls option, Just tick it.

Viber Video Call Not Working

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