Planning really helps you get through your tasks with ease. You may be using a notebook to plan your upcoming tasks but with a powerful and portable device in your pocket, why not go digital? Calendar apps help you plan your days and even organize your life. A good calendar app can make your life easier. But what should you use? Keeping that in mind, we’ve created this article. Here are the best calendar apps for Android.

Best calendar apps for Android


This is probably the only calendar app you’ll ever need. The design is easy on your eyes and the navigation is smooth and easy. aCalendar is not just pretty, it has great functionality too. There are 3 display options – swiping from side to side will let you display months, week and day. Moreover, swiping down and up lets you move through the calendar according to the selected display mode.Best calendar apps

Apart from its basic features, aCalendar also syncs the photos from your contacts or social networks to let you know whose birthday or any other special occasion is coming. You can also use NFC to transfer data and add a full-screen widget to access the calendar’s information easily.

You can get this app for free from the Google Play Store, but if you prefer the full version, you’ll have to pay $4.99.


If you do not prefer aCalendar for some reason, CalCalendar may interest you. This calendar comes packed with loads of features including support for Exchange and Google Calendar. CalCalendar also supports integration with (as the developers of developed this app).Best calendar apps

With features such as widgets, voice recognition and many more, the app is surprisingly easy to use. It is simple and fast. The app will automatically add contacts and location data according to the name of the event. If you use, you can import data from it. CalCalendar is a great choice for any user who wants good functionality and at the same time do not want to feel overwhelmed.

CalCalendar is available for free on the Google Play Store.

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