Some stock Android phones like Google Pixel don’t disable screenshot sound even if you put it in silent or vibration mode. Not every Android device comes with the feature to disable this sound like on OnePlus. If you have an Android that has no option to disable screenshot sound then you’re in the right place. Nobody wants any unwanted turning of heads when they just want to screenshot that cute dress on eBay. Here’s how to disable screenshot sound on Android.

Disable screenshot sound on Android

Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant is on every Android device these days; i.e if your device is not ancient. You can take a screenshot via Google Assistant. And when you take a screenshot with Google Assistant, there is no sound. Even if all the sound is enabled and is on high volume, you’ll not get any sound when taking a screenshot.Disable screenshot sound

To take a screenshot via Google Assistant, open the screen you want to screenshot > hold the home button until Google Assistant pops up > tap on the Screenshot icon. Or, you can simply say “Take Screenshot”.

Using 3rd party app

If you do not want to use Google Assistant or you don’t have it, you can refer to 3rd party apps to do the job. Screenshot Touch is one such app that is extremely easy to use and will get the job done. Just download the app from Google Play Store and open it. Play with the settings and when you’re done, tap on Start capture monitoring service. You’ll now see a floating button and the icon will turn red. Now, every time you need to capture a screen, just tap on the floating button.Disable screenshot sound

If you use a Redmi device, there is an inbuilt option to toggle screenshot sound. All you have to do is go to Settings > Sound and Vibrations > disable Screenshot sound. On a Samsung device, to take a screenshot silently, you have to put your device in silent or vibration mode.

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