How many of you have face the error “Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped” error in your smart devices? This problem occurs often in Samsung smartphone. I’ve heard many of us complaining about the error. Even I have faced the problem while texting friends of mine, suddenly a message popped-up “Unfortunately, Samsung keyboard has stopped” and the keyboard stops working.

Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Error

Such problems are really annoying. It seems to be a minor problem but it creates difficulties in operating the phone smoothly. Since all the important work such as sending text messages, emails, dialing contacts are performed using the keyboard, the smooth functioning of a keyboard is a must. Many people look out for appropriate solutions in such a situation.  In this article, I have covered all the solutions steps that had helped me in solving the issue of Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped. Let’s follow.

Fixes to Unfortunately Samsung Keyboard Has Stopped Error.

Step 1: Clear Keyboard Cache.

The error sometimes may occur due to cache. The keyboard data may be corrupted due to which the keyboard may not function properly. Clearing Keyboard Cache helps to remove the unwanted files and data that is preventing the keyboard to work normally. Follow these steps to clear cache from the Samsung keyboard.

  1. Go to Settings >> select Application Manager.
  2. Select Samsung Keyboard App.
  3. Tap on Clear cache button to perform a further action.

Step 2: Force Restart Samsung Keyboard.

Force Restart Technique confirms that the Samsung Keyboard is not running and no operations are running in the background. It ensures that app is completely stopped and launched after few minutes. To Force Restarting Samsung Keyboard, do follow the steps in your Samsung phone. It is similar to the steps of clearing the keyboard cache.

  1. Go to Settings >> tap on the Application Manager.
  2. Find out the Samsung Keyword from the application list.
  3. Tap on Force Stop Button to perform a further action.

Step 3: Restart Samsung Smartphone.

Restarting the Samsung Smartphone is the final step. Restarting the device helps in fixing App Crashes and Data Crashes which helps in functioning the application smoothly. Rebooting the Samsung smartphone has helped me overcome the error, Unfortunately, Samsung Keyboard has stopped. To reboot or restart your Samsung phone follow the following steps.

  1. Long press the Power Button.
  2. Tap on Restart or Reboot option.

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