Facebook Messenger is the instant messaging app of popular social networking platform Facebook. Messenger is used by millions of Facebook users for instant messaging among their network. But many of the users are not aware of the features that messenger provides. These features are really useful for the users. Just to mention a few examples, users can play games, add nicknames and much more. Let’s see what are the other features that messenger has provided to their users.

Get Access To Facebook Games

Do you know you can access to various games using facebook messenger? After opening messenger tap to game sign in the menu panel located at the bottom of the messenger. You will see a lot of games. Choose games from the menu you like and enjoy playing the games. You can also invite your friends to play the games with you.

Users can also play games by opening the chat conversation. All you need to do is tap on the “+” button below after opening the conversation tab and you’ll have access to different games.

Doodle Your Images.

Doodle on your image makes your friends easier to see what you want to point out in the picture by drawing on it. You can doodle the existing images from the gallery or take a new picture and doodle it. To doodle image tap on the camera icon and take a new picture. To the side, you’ll see the icons to either add text or doodle your image. If you want to doodle gallery images then select the image, Doodle away and send.

Block User On Messenger.

Sometimes you need to block the unnecessary contact from your list. You may want to block the contact. Messenger allows you to block such unwanted contact from the list. To block someone open messenger and long press on the conversation you want to block. You will see a list of actions, in the end, you will find the Block option.

React To A Message.

Sometimes your friends may forward you funny texts or content, you may want to react to the message but how? Now you don’t have to find emoji to react. Messenger has the feature to react over a message. Just tap on the message and choose the appropriate emoji.

Give Nicknames To Your Friend.

Many of us have a habit of calling our friends with their nickname. Now messenger has a feature of giving nicknames to your friend. To set the nickname of your friend open the conversation, tap on the info icon, tap on nicknames and give your friend a nickname.

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