Mobile Application has now played a vital role in the field of education too. Such mobile apps help a learner to improve memorization ability, intellectual advancement in general. These apps have helped students and users both in their educational career and beyond. In this article, we have listed some of the educational application that would be helpful for both students and users. Let’s start.

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds lets a user learn and experiment with the code. It is a free app available for Ipads that teach kids to learn to code. Unfortunately, the app is not available for android platform. The application has a game like look and feel. Nowadays, many kids are being taught the importance of starting to code and give them an edge in their future professional lives. You don’t need any coding knowledge to use.

It is a perfect platform for students just starting out. Users can solve interactive puzzles and lessons to master the basics of coding. Once your foundation is built, additional challenges let you explore the code and helps you building programs that are engaging and unique. To know further you can visit here. You can download the app from here.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Duolingo helps users to learn Spanish, French, German, Italian etc and much more languages. This application is available for both android and ios. Users can practice speaking, reading, writing and listening skills using this app. It also helps you improve your vocabulary and grammar skills. It helps in learning basic verbs, phrases, and sentences and learn new words daily. For further details visit the site here.


Edmodo is a free social learning platform for students, teachers, parents, and school administrators. This app focuses on how you communicate with your students, parents and fellow teachers. With Edmodo teachers can add their kids to the group and share information and other learning resources. Edmodo allows teachers to host quizzes, tests, and assignments. Students can submit projects, tests, quizzes, and questions digitally using Edmodo. It is available for both android and ios platform. Students can access the Edmodo platform from any of the phone, tablet and check the resources within the app. For further details on Edmodo, you can visit the link here.



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