Netflix – the popular streaming site, listens to its users. Now you can Netflix and chill on any of your devices even if it is not connected to the Wi-Fi. You can now download shows on Netflix and watch it later. Here’s how.

Download Shows on Netflix

To get started, you need to have any of the devices mentioned below;

  • Android device with version 4.4.2 or above
  • iOS device with iOS 9 or above
  • PC with Windows 10 version 1607 or above

It’s not like you don’t need WiFi at all. That would be crazy. You need to be connected to the WiFi when downloading. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the Netflix app on the device of your choice and you must have an active account.

Once you’re in the app, you can see the download tab on the bottom bar. This is where you’ll find all the series and movies you have downloaded. To populate this tab, you’ll need to download some series or movies first. Once you have found the content you want to save for later to watch offline, just tap or click on the download icon (indicated by a downward facing arrow) and wait till the download finishes. The location of download icon varies between movies and tv-series. For movies, the icon is located on the description page and for series, the icon is located beside the name of each episode.Download Shows on Netflix

You can select the quality of the videos that you wish to download. You can select between standard quality that offers videos with reduced quality and high quality that offers videos up to 1080p resolution. There is another feature called Smart Downloads, which helps keep everything inside the downloads section in order. If you enable this feature, the completed episodes will automatically be deleted and replaced with the following episode.

Not everything on Netflix can be downloaded. If you do not find the download button, that means that it is not available for download.

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