Usually, 3rd party messaging apps provide a bit more functionality over the messaging apps that come pre-installed with your phones. Everyone texts and everyone receives texts; these apps just make the experience better. If you’re looking for customizations, more emojis, and better notifications, check out these free text messaging apps for Android. These apps are made to replace your dull pre-installed stock messaging apps to make your experience better.

Best Free SMS Text Messaging Apps

Go SMS Pro

This messaging app has been around for quite a while now. The “Pro” beside its name doesn’t indicate you have to buy the app to be able to use it. Instead, it indicates there are in-app purchases that make the app even better. However, it doesn’t mean the app is completely useless if you don’t pay for it. The Free version is still quite capable than stock messaging apps. But, if you want to unlock its full capability, you need to pay for it. you do not need to worry about it being a bad investment. After you unlock the app, it becomes highly customizable and full of features. Some mentionable features include the ability to use Private Box to store sensitive and private messages, online texting with Go Chat and sticking specific texts on the top. Go SMS Pro also has a neat pop up to quickly reply to any text to receive.Free Text Messaging Apps

Textra SMS

This is arguably the best SMS app for Android. Textra is full of customizations, features and is really fast. The app is always improving due to its regular support. You can change the font size, change the theme between dark and light with many colors options or change the entire theme. Textra also has the feature to show the incoming message in a customizable pop-up bubble. Another feature that is missing from most of the stock messaging app is delivery report – Textra has it. Arguably the best thing about this texting app is repeating notifications in case you missed the message. These aforementioned features are just scratching the surface; there are tons of other features that you can check out. Get in from Google Play Store.Free Text Messaging Apps

Hello SMS

If you’re looking for something different that provides an experience that is apart from all the standard messaging apps, then Hello SMS is for you. This is basically the Gmail of messaging apps. The tabs and columns for conversations make it easy for users and neat to look at. With tons of animations and a few themes to choose from, the app is both good looking and functional. Hello SMS is not as customizable as the apps mentioned above, but it is simple and unique and some users may like it. Its fast, free and simple – just like some users want. Try itFree Text Messaging Apps

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