Ubuntu for android, developed by the UK-based Canonical Ltd, is reported to have stopped being developed further. Canonical had been developing Ubuntu OS for Android for a while, which could be dual booted some of the Android devices, making the device to operate on two Operating Systems.

ubuntu for android

The concept was not much viral, and its future wasn’t that bright, analysing its users, though it was a good concept. It used to let android users run their phone on a dual OSs, android and Ubuntu. With the tag ‘in every phone, there is a computer trying to coming out’, it was mainly targeted for the smartphones with a processor of 1 GHz dual-core or higher. It was not available for single-core devices, and was developed accordingly. Ubuntu for Android was an innovative project which would allow Android Mobile users to dock their smartphones to desktop, and boot up Ubuntu Linux from the device making the setup a full fledged Ubuntu PC. The data would be stored on the smartphone and shared between both the operating systems.

Canonical had recently announced an update to its Ubuntu dual boot app, which made users easier to install and run android and Ubuntu side by side. The project was launched in early 2012 with the aim to merge Android Mobile and Ubuntu Linux desktop.

Canonical hasn’t officially stated any reasons to stop the development of Ubuntu for Android project, but may be it had realized that though the merger of phone and computer’s system was a good idea, the project doesn’t make any sense. Officially, the project for now has just been shelved and not in active development, but we do not even see the chance of its continuity in the near future. The systems for tablets, TVs, and Computers are as usual though. Lets hope we’ll hear something about the continuity or permanent closure of the project from Canonical Ltd. soon.



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