android look like windows with luncher 8 freeAndroid is certainly a good operating system, since it has a lot of customization options. It can be anything, from getting the root access, installing the several custom ROMs, to even making your smartphone’s appearance exactly like that of the popular Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS. If you want to make your Android look like Windows Phone, there are a lot of launchers available to download from the Google Play Store for free, but here we are discussing about one of the most popular among them- Launcher 8 Free.

Nowadays, most of the android smartphone brands use their own default UI- whose outlook and appearance varies according to the brand. It’s obvious that you may be tired using the same phone and seeing it’s same outlook, and it may be a good option for you to feel some refreshment in your everyday-same-looking-boring-type phone. This is of course, an app which makes your android look like Windows Phone, i.e. Fake Windows in your Android, since there is no way that you can install original Windows OS in your Android-installed device. For example- If you’re tired or bored of the Samsung TouchWiz in your Galaxy phone, you can try this app and can feel a little bit of refreshment.

To install this app in your Android Smartphone or tablet, go to your device’s menu > play Store, and tap the search button which appears in the top right-hand c
orner of your device. You can search for ‘launcher 8 free‘ there, and then you’ll see the app’s download link appear at the top of your Google Play Store. You can download and install the app from there directly in your android device, or follow this link to download the app.

When you download and install the app, it’s done! Whenever you click the home button of your device, or try to go to the home, you’ll be prompted to select either of the launchers, your device’s default or the Launcher 8, to set your home (if you have some more installed already, there will be the options accordingly). You can set either of them as default, and by doing this, the one you choose will appear automatically. Set the Launcher 8 as default, and you’ll see your Android look like Windows Phone onwards (you’ll even be confused to some extent). In the homescreen, all the tiles will appear like Windows 8, but however, the inner menu options will remain the same. For example- If you click on any of the tiles, it’ll direct you towards your phone’s default system.

Enjoy using the new launcher in your Android Phone, which makes your Android look like Windows Phone 8. You can also see: How to install android in your iPhone.


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