Error 481: Google Play error 481Most of us nowadays use smartphone, and most of the phones among them are android smartphones. With the growing popularity of the android OS, it’s users are increasing in a rapid base. It’s growing popularity is certainly due to the open system and the application data-base, but it is also having some errors, while trying several things with the OS. Here, we are discussing about one of the most common android errorsError 481  while downloading or updating the apps from the Google Play Store.

While discussing about the details, for you who are this problem, it may be showing “XXX could not be downloaded due to an error 481”, as shown in the figure, whenever you try to install the downloaded applications or their updates from the Google Play Store. It certainly is an annoying problem, since many of us may be trying the purchased app, or it may waste our time and handle us nothing at last. The feature we’re trying to use, cannot be used when this error 481 persists in our android smartphone.

The error 481 appearing in the play store is though, however not without a solution, and it can be solved following some easy steps which can be mentioned as the following:

  • Go to phone  menu > settings.
  • Select ‘Apps’
  • Go to the list with all apps.
  • Select ‘Google Play Store’ or ‘Android Market’
  • Press ‘Clear Cache’, ‘Force Stop’ and ‘Clear data’ at the sequential order which is mentioned.
  • Open the Play Store and Try to download the app again.
  • The problem may be solved and the error may not appear anymore, but, however if it is not so, you probably have to log in with your Google Account credentials again. This will definitely solve the error 481.

The error 481 in your android smartphone, when solved, will not appear and you can download or update any of your desired apps from the play store. Also see: google play error 919 solution


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