Sometimes when you’re browsing for an app and finally you find it, you gen an error when you’re trying to download it. The error says that the app is not compatible, but clearly it is compatible, otherwise, the Google Play Store wouldn’t show it in the first place. The same error also sometimes when you’re trying to update an app that is already installed on your device. Even when the app is compatible with the device, you still get the error saying ‘Device not compatible’. What is this error and how can you fox it? Do not worry, it is simple and doesn’t take much time. Here’s how to fix Device not compatible error on Google Play Store.

Fix Device Not Compatible Error on Google Play Store

This error can be very annoying at times. Especially when you clearly know the app is compatible. This error can be particularly bothersome when you realize that Google Play Store is the only official and trustable source for apps for you Android. There are 3rd party sources but there’s no way of knowing if the apps you download are trustworthy. And when the only official source gives out errors, it can get pretty frustrating. So instead of searching the app you want on any 3rd party source and risk endangering your device, follow this easy guide to fix the error. This is why you’re here in the first place.

Device Not Compatible Error

If you are currently experiencing this problem while trying to install or update an app, follow the simple steps mentioned below and you’ll get rid of ‘Device not compatible’ error on the Google Play Store.

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Go to Apps and then select App Manager.

Step 3: Search for Google Play Store. Tap on it.

Step 4: Tap on Clear Cache.

Step 5: Tap on Clear Data.

This is it. Following the aforementioned steps will let you get rid of the Device not compatible error on the Google Play Store. These steps should eliminate the corrupt cache files that were causing this annoying error. Try to update or download an app again and the process should go smoothly without any error.

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