Android is pretty customizable than its competition, but stock versions are still pretty barebone if you compare it to available custom ROMS. But not everybody has a taste for flashing and rooting. The good thing about Android is you can customize it regardless; with the help of 3rd party apps. You can customize almost every aspect of the UI but this tutorial focuses on customizing the Status Bar. Here’s how to customize Android status bar without root.

Customize Android Status Bar Without Root

There are plenty of 3rd party apps that let you completely customize the status bar, but the best one in our opinion is Super Status Bar. You can compare it to Quick Star as it is made based on that. But Quick Star was limited to only a few of the Samsung Galaxy devices. With Super Status Bar, you can customize the status bar of any Android devices running on version 5 or above. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download Super Status Bar

You can get the free version on the Google Play Store, but to get the most out of the app, go for the premium version that is available for the lost one-time cost of $1.99.

Customize Android Status Bar Without RootGet Super Status Bar from the Google Play Store.

Step 2: Allow Permissions

After the app is downloaded and installed on your Android, open the app and you will have to go through a few setup pages. After you’re through them, tap on Start from the main menu. You will get into a new screen with 2 toggles.

These toggles are for the necessary permissions needed for the app to run properly. Tap on a toggle will take you Settings where you have to allow certain permission. Do that for another toggle and you’re done. You may have to find Super Status Bar on each of the Settings pages if you have a lot of apps that require that particular permission.

After all the necessary permission has been granted, you will see a Stop button where the Start button was previously. This means the app and its service is running properly. It’s time to customize the status bar.

Step 3: Modify

Go to the app’s main screen and tap on Status Bar. If you have upgraded to the pro version, you can make tons of significant changes, if not, you are limited to only certain options. But you still can change a lot without spending a cent.   If you want to keep the default status bar but want to hide and add icons, you can do that from the Modify tab. You can hide or disable some icons or add icons like Network Speed.

Customize Android Status Bar Without Root If you want to completely customize the status bar, you can do that from the Custom tab. You will need to toggle Enable custom status bar first. Most of the options here require pro version; such as disabling system icon or making status bar change color according to the app you’re in. Play around with the setting and customize the status bar as per your liking. However, you want to get most out of the app, support the developer and get the pro version. This app is worth the money.

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