Not being able to connect to the internet when you need it the most can make you rage. But that doesn’t stop it from happening. Your Android is still an electronic device that runs on thousands of lines of code; a simple bug is bound to happen and cause unintended effects. But do not worry, there are several ways you can perform to get rid of this problem. Here’s how to fix Unable to Connect error on Android.

Fix Unable to Connect Error


Although we cannot pinpoint a specific reason that may be causing the problem, we can give you all the common possible reasons behind this error. You may be unable to connect to the WiFi due to the following reasons;

  1. Wrong network configuration. We have already a guide addressing this issue.
  2. Android OS malfunction.
  3. Signal obstruction.
  4. Incorrect password. I know, silly reason but you’ll be surprised how common it is.

Now that we know what common problems might be causing the connectivity issue, let’s look at all the possible solutions.

Solution 1: Turning WiFi off and on

This is the most common thing to do when you face a WiFi connectivity issue on your Android. I do not even have to write this as this is what you’re going to do anyway. But for the sake of making this guide complete, I’m going to mention this anyway. Sometimes all you need to do is turn the WiFi off and then turn it on again. All you have to do is pull down the notification shade and tap on the WiFi quick tile. Connect to it again and see if the problem is solved. If not, try other solutions.

Fix Unable to Connect Error

You can also turn airplane mode on and off to see if it fixes the problem.

Solution 2: Forget the WiFi

The next thing you can try is to forget the network. You can make the device forget the network by deleting it. But make sure you know the password before doing it, otherwise you may be stuck with no WiFi. To forget a saved WiFi;

Fix Unable to Connect Error

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on WiFi.
  3. Find the faulty WiFi network from the list of all the networks you’ve ever connected to. Tap or press and hold on it (depends on the device).
  4. Select Forget to ‘forget’ or delete the network form your Android.
  5. Try connecting to it again and see if it works.

Solution 3: Check Power Save

If you’re Android is on Power Saving mode, it might be the reason why the WiFi isn’t working as intended. You may have accidentally enabled the power saving mode or it might have triggered when the battery level fell. To disable battery saving mode;

Fix Unable to Connect Error

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Battery.
  3. Tap on the toggle next to Battery Saver.

Solution 4: Reboot

If none of the above solutions worked, then a simple reboot might be what the device needs to make everything fall in order. Rebooting your Android may sound simple (and it is), but you’ll be surprised by the effects it has on solving common errors.

All you need to do is press and hold the Power button and select Reboot from the list of options.

Solution 5: Update Firmware

The error you are facing might be a firmware issue, and the manufacturer might have rolled out an update to fix it. A simple bug in the software might be the reason why you are unable to connect to the WiFi. If you have any pending updates, it is wise to perform it to patch any problems within the system. To check if the device has any pending software updates;

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and then tap on About Device.
  3. Tap on Check for updates.

Solution 6: Reboot Router

The problem might not be your Android, it may because by the faulty router that you’re trying to connect to. In that case, you might want to reboot the router. If the router isn’t accessible, then you’re out of luck. The only thing you can do at this point either connect to another WiFi or use the mobile data.

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