There are infinite benefits of having a Android Smartphone, from a lot customization possibilities to installing Applications from other Operating System platform too. The Google Play Store, official app store of Android is itself the largest app store in the whole world (it bypassed Apple’s app store, which was officially the largest till Q2 2013), and still in case users feel the need to install some apps from the other platform, such as the Firefox OS, they can do it easily. This brings some sort of re-freshness to the android users, rather than the need to install the apps. The main advantage of this is that you do not need to be a geek for this, it is so simple for the noobs. If you want to know how to install Firefox OS apps in Android, follow the following steps:

install firefox os apps in android

  1. Install (if you don’t have it already) the Firefox browser in your Android smartphone or tablet first, this is the primary work you need to do. You can download the Firefox browser from the Google Play Store for free.
  2. After you download and install the Firefox browser, open it. In the very first view of the App, you will see the Firefox marketplace option in your device’s screen. Tap there and it will let you inside the Firefox marketplace, the official app store of the Firefox OS.
  3. You will see a lot of apps inside the Firefox marketplace, and there will be the install option beside them. Just tap in that, you will get a prompt asking whether to install the app or cancel. Tap in install, and the app will be installed in your android smartphone or tablet (just like that of the Google Play Store).
  4. Install as many apps as you want, and you’re done.

install firefox apps in android

How does it work?
Firefox Apps are developed with the HTML5 developer language, which makes them as work flawlessly in your android device as long as the Firefox browser is installed in your device. Hence, the only caution you need to take during this entire process is not to uninstall the Firefox browser from your device, as long as you want the Firefox Apps to work in your device.

The Firefox app store is not that large, it may seem tiny to the Android users instead, but still to install Firefox OS apps in android is a great feature for the Android users.


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