error 919A new error is reported by the android users recently, error 919, during the installation or update of any application. In your android smartphone, while installing after downloading or updating any app from the google play store, it may be showing “Unknown error code during application install: 919“. That is, the update or download becomes full, upto 100%, and while installing it on the device, error 919 occurs. If you’re pissed of by the error 919 in Google Play Store, don’t panic anymore because here we have some solutions for the error.

Check properly if your Android device has enough free space in your phone’s internal storage for app installation (at least double the size of the app file). If you don’t have, free up some storage by deleting files or removing unwanted apps. After you’ve done this, you can try using the following mentioned methods to solve the error 919 in your android smartphone:

Android Fix: Error 919 methods

Method 1
Check your phone memory, how much is free. You can transfer your apps to sd card through ‘apps2sd/app manager’ (free). Clear your cache and data now. For this, follow these steps:
1. Go to menu>settings
2. Go to Application and then press manage application.
3. Now select google play.
4. Then you have to click on clear cache.
5. After that come to the home screen.
6. Go to download manager.
7. Select clear data.
8. Once you clear the data the problem will resolved.

Method 2
If your problem isn’t solved by using method 1, try using a different internet connection than you’ve used previously. It means, if you are using your mobile data to download and install or update the apps, you can try using your wi-fi network, or vice-versa. This method is reported to work in most of the devices by the users.

Method 3
Change your APN (access point name) settings:
1. Go to menu > settings > wireless and networks > mobile networks > access point names.
2. Edit APN settings as one of your friend’s APN in the same carrier.

The method 1 is the most commonly used, and you can try it first and in case it doesn’t work, you can try those which are given underneath.

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    • Sasi, just delete some unwanted apps or files which are located from your phone’s internal memory so that the memory size free would be at least double than that of the temple run 2.

  1. Error 919 is now solved with my brand new Galaxy S5. Many thanks.
    @sasi & @strawberry3627 hope some one will help you.

  2. I have done all the method. I still can’t download a game called Clash of Clans. I can download other games but just not this one. This app kept saying error 919, help me please.

  3. dude this does not solve the problem. don’t write an article if you can’t actually give us the valid answer.

    • Well, I wrote the article because it solved ‘my’ problem. There are hundreds of android device models and it can’t guarantee for all of them! You can just tell me what happened though, may be I can help further.

    • Pretty unnecessary response to someone trying to help people out. Can you attempt to explain your issue better so someone can assist? Thank you Lalit for putting this together – I’m not running an android phone but this helped me help someone else through the issue.

  4. I encountered this error many times. The good thing is I actually know why I get this error. In my case, I get this error when I use Internet connection which block a lot of contents/downloading. I can browse but can’t download stuffs. Hence this error.


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