If you’re a iPhone user since a long time and are bored of using the iOS, you may be searching for some mind blowing tricks. Here, we have one of them, which is a guide to how to install android in iPhone.

android in iphone


To install android in iPhone, you’ll require an iPhone 3GS or lower version, or iPod 1G, since this technique will not work in the higher version. Another requirement is that the device must be jailbroken either Redsn0w, Limer1n or Pwnage tools (other jailbreaks will not work). Apart from this, you’ll require a stable and fast internet, since you’ll have to download some large files.
After you fulfill all the requirements follow the given steps:

  1. Go to cydia, search for Bootlace from BigBoss. Install the bootlace in Cydia. In order to do this, you’ll need to launch Cydia from the homescreen, tap on the Manage button, select Sources, then tap Edit, then Add. The repository you’ll need to add is repo.neonkoala.co.uk. Tap Add Source, let Cydia work its magic, and then tap on your newly added repository and install Bootlace.
  2. Launch the BootLace and allow it to run, and patch the Kernel. If it doesn’t appear in your homescreen, restart your device and repeat the process. Later, reboot your phone again.
  3. Tap on  OpeniBoot button, continue and let it download and install.
  4. The next process is to install iDroid. For this, go to the OpeniBoot, and tap on install. Be patient, this will require a lot of time. If your phone doesn’t have enough battery, plug it in.
  5. After the process is completed, go to quickboot and boot straight away into android. Its now time to play with Android in your iPhone.
  6. To go back to iOS, you’ll need to switch it off. The turning off process is same as original android devices. And while turning back on, you’ll see the OpeniBoot, from where you’ll require the lock button to change the selection, and the homebutton to select the OS.

You’ll need to remember that Android on iPhone isn’t close to ready to use as your full-time mobile operating system. This is just to fulfill some of your curiosity, and to have some fun in your iOS device. Most importantly, suspend isn’t yet working, so your battery won’t likely last long. The android in iPhone project have still come a long way from where it’s been in the past, though, and having followed this project excitedly for a while, the progress they’ve made in recent weeks has been really impressive.



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