Android now has a feature of display owner info on lock screen, which is a real good option in case the smartphone owner loses his phone and a good Samaritan finds it. Android now has a way to display your name, phone or email on your lock screen. If you’re a forgetful smartphone owner who likes to leave their device in cabs and coffee shops, then why not make it easier for people to return your handset to you by adding your contact details to the lock screen?

If you are an older version user (4.2 JellyBean or older version) of Android smartphones, the built-in feature may not be available. In this case, you can download an app from the google play store, and use it to avail the feature. There are several apps available in the play store, and one good option among them is Owner Info Widget. Here is what to do:

owner info on lock screen

  1. Go to menu > play store app.
  2. Search for the Owner Info Widget app.
  3. Download it and install it in your device.
  4. Customize the app by adding your information, and activate it.

The widget does not work on default Android lock screen. If you use a pin-protected lock screen, use Widget Locker application or alternatives to have widgets on the lock screen.

If you use an android smartphone having operating system of version 4.2 JellyBean or higher, then this feature is built-in in your android device. To use this feature, follow the following steps:

owner info on lock screen

  1. Go to menu > settings > my device > lock screen.
  2. Tap the lock screen widgets,  and at the bottom, press the owner information.
  3. Here you can enter any information you want, such as your name or email address.
  4. Check ‘show owner info on lock screen’.

Now exit the settings, lock your device and you’ll see the information on the lock screen, right beneath the time and date.


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