With the launch of the new version of Android, we get a lot of new goodies. Once such goodie is the new Pixel Launcher for Android 9.0 Pie. Even if you do not have a device that will get an update for Pie, you can still use the Launcher thanks to the developer Quinny899. Here’s how to get the new Android Pie Pixel Launcher.

Get the New Android Pie Pixel Launcher

You need to be on Android Marshmallow or higher for this to work. The Unknown Sources much be enabled and you need to uninstall any other version of Pixel Launcher if you are running it. If you meet this requirement,installing the new launcehr is as easy as it can get.

Step 1: First, you need the APK. Download it from here.

Step 2: After the download finishes, tap on the notification to open of the installation wizard.

Step 3: Tap on Install.

To set the newly installed Pixel Launcher as your default launcher;

Step 1: Press your home button.

Step 2: Select Pixel Launcher from the list. If you are running a device that doesn’t give you Always option during the first time, you need to follow further steps to set the launcher as default.

Get the New Android Pie Pixel Launcher

Step 3: Tap the home button again and select Pixel Launcher again and this time choose Always.

There are still a few steps left. You need to grant certain permissions to make the launcher work properly.

Step 1: Go to Apps and Applications or something similar as this may not be the same on every device.

Step 2: Find Pixel Launcher from the list and tap on it.

Step 3: Tap on Permissions.

Step 4: Enable Location, Phone and Storage.

Now you are ready to try out the new Pixel Launcher forAndroid 9.0 Pie. To be honest, there are no major changes from the previous Pixel Launcher. You will notice the dock is less transparent than before and you get a new microphone icon that launches Google Assistant.

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